Songs that explore concept of reality

I have to admit that I am completely in love with I’m Sexy and I know It. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were so easy to live in a fantasy world of our own making? I think what I like most about this song is that he is just having so much fun!

I looked around for some other songs that deal with how we see the world. The film Cabaret, set in 1930s Nazi Germany, has a song called If You Could See Her Through My Eyes, that explores the idea that we see things differently depending upon our beliefs and experiences. The whole movie, quite dark and depressing, suggests that we are willing to ‘construct’ a reality in order to avoid dealing with a harsh reality. Overall, I think the film suggests that the ‘real’ world will ultimately catch up us, and at which point we have to deal with it. Or not.

Ugly Kid Joe, a band back in the mid 90s, released a version of Cats in the Cradle. It was originally released by Harry Chapin, but it’s been covered by Johnny Cash, a Norwegian band, Cat Stevens, and Guns’n’Roses. What happens when we see the world a different way? Or we dream of it being different? How does the father see the world – and how devastated is he when the roles are reversed? Overall, even though I love this song, it completely depresses me.

Give Me Your Eyes, whilst the title sounds quite gruesome, is an interesting song about how we can suddenly realise that we’ve been seeing the world differently. Does this change ‘reality’? Or does that change the ‘viewer’?

I couldn’t end this post without saying something about the construct that is Lady Gaga. Have a look at her official site and tell me that she isn’t constructing some kind of weird alternative world/reality for herself. This makes me think: Is this something we all do, to some extent?


One thought on “Songs that explore concept of reality

  1. I found a song called ’99 Problems’ by Jay-Z. I found a clean version but still may have a bit of swearing. from 0:58 to 1:57 portrays a reality for a black male in New York City in the 90’s. The story is that he gets pulled up by the police. You can listen to the rest yourself.

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