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Context: Whose Reality? The Shark Net / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Enduring Love / A Streetcar Named Desire
We need to hold onto illusions in order to cope with reality.
Our sanity depends on a clear understanding of what is real and what isn’t.
We believe what those who are stronger than us tell us to believe.
What we feel tells us what is real.
The answer to each of us to the question of “Whose reality is more important?” is mine.
There is a difficulty in maintaining one’s sense of self and of one’s reality in the world in which one lives.
Reality has the ability to crush the human spirit.
One person’s reality can make perfect sense to them, but little sense to anyone else.
People attempt to escape a reality that has become totally unpalatable.
One’s reality is influenced by various events.
The same event can provide very different versions of reality.
When competing realities clash the only result can be tragedy.
Memories make the person.
Truth itself is an illusion.
What we convince ourselves we don’t know, won’t hurt us.
The amount of power we have in a particular situation determines how we see it.
Our perspective on social norms has been filtered by our experiences.
“We can never attain a fully objective view of reality because we remain trapped in the prison of our subjectivity.”
“The line between illusion and madness is a fine one.”
“When we attempt to make order out of chaos then we risk distorting reality.”
“When the differing perceptions of people conflict, catastrophe is sure to arise.”
“The truth is sometimes difficult to discover”
“Some people’s versions of reality are more accurate than others’”
“Reality depends entirely on the individual and the context they find themselves in.”
“Differences in perceptions result from the differences of individuals.”
“A child’s world is shaped by their parents’ reality.”
“Writing is an act that always involves a revision of reality.”
“Every reality is open to interpretation.”
“Reality is beyond the understanding of mere humans.”
“Believing is seeing. The reality that we perceive is the reality that we want to perceive.”

Reality is not universal.


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