Here are some examples for you

Oftentimes the hardest part of writing is getting started. I do believe that if you simply write, and write anything, you’ll at least have some ideas on paper. These you can then shape, refine, redraft, rework, into what you need it to be.

Read the opinion pieces below. Each are excellent examples of how a writer can develop a particular tone and contention, and maintain that through an interesting, well-informed, and persuasive piece. The Atticus Finch piece is brilliant in terms of showing you how you can link a contempory idea with those inspired by a text.

The sample responses that Mr Johnson has written shows how you can write a generic piece around an idea, and then shape it to fit a specific prompt.

Just keep thinking of ideas that are piquing your interest. Are you already leaning towards arguing/exploring a particular viewpoint?

Opinion Pieces


Lessons From Atticus Finch

Lana Del Rey

Sample Context Response

Too Many Mitches Multiple Versions


2 thoughts on “Here are some examples for you

  1. The “lessons from Aticus Finch” example is REALLY good (thanks for suggesting it, it gives me a better understanding of what the heck I’m doing) , but it seems really challenging to write (trying to link the play to not only our ideas but modern examples), do you think the extra difficulty would result in a better mark?
    What style would you suggest to try and get the highest possible marks? (I know it changes from person to person, so for a low-medium level creative person…)

    1. Jack, it’s almost impossible to answer this question, but I will try. I think an ‘editorial/opinion’ style is what would serve you best. You don’t need to be creative – you just have to be able to write convincingly on a topic. I really like the idea of being a ‘writer’ for a particular publication, as it can give you clarity of purpose. So, depending on your angle, it might be useful to read a number of articles from a journal/magazine that suits. I love the website “The Art of Manliness”, and just for the sake of looking I found this
      Look at websites that are essentially online publications and identify styles you like. I hate to tell you that there is no short cut here.
      But like I said before: you have to be able to write convincingly. How does one do this? You have to be knowledgeable about your chosen stance, you have to show you’ve thought about the connections between the text and the world; you have to show that you are using considered and appropriate langauge, and you have to work really hard to draft, and refine, what it is you’re putting on paper. In class, I’ve chosen not to focus on language features as I’m assuming that by now you are au fait with the requirements of different writing styles.
      I know this doesn’t help with what to write, but I hope it helps you to identify how to write.

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