Creating & Presenting Samples

Many of you are struggling to understand exactly what is the presenting part of this Area of Study.

For the purposes of the upcoming SAC you’ve simply (!) got to imagine that you are a writer. What kind of writer is for you to decide. You could be a writer for a daily paper, a journal of medicine or psychology, or a gossip magazine, for example. You could be a writer of fiction, who is creating the next chapter, page, novel of your latest publication. You could be a famous playwright who is coming to grips with a latest notion of his. You could be a young person who is coming to grips with a latest notion of your own. You could simply be a student writing an expository essay. You could be a lyricist or a poet. You can be a whatever/whoever you want to be. As long as you are dealing with the prompt and the Context of Whose Reality?

The trick is being able to use language and form conventions in a way that convinces the reader that you are actually that person. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

On the right, I have added a link in the Blogroll to some sample Creating & Presenting responses. They don’t all relate to Streetcar, but they all highlight the possibilities open to you. I’d like you to pay particular attention to the layo ut of many of the pieces;  the students have actually gone to the effort to ‘present’ the pieces as authentically as possible.

I really enjoyed reading them. I hope you do too.


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