Themes, symbols and motifs

Watch the following clips about the themes, motifs and symbols in Streetcar. Let me know (via the comment) what you thought of them. Did you learn anything useful/helpful/interesting/epiphany causing?

What’s Streetcar got to do with me?

The Plot

An Intro

The Characters


Theme 1

Theme 2

Motif 1

Motif 2


I hope that the links match up to the video clips properly. Watch them all, and you’ll be right!


3 thoughts on “Themes, symbols and motifs

  1. “awesomeness”…apart from A.S.S.D.I.D, what was the point of that one?
    Are there any really in depth videos? like a 300 second recap?
    By the way, this chick is crazy…

  2. ASSDID – Blanche was the representation of the “Southern Belle”. Essentially, if you were a girl, and lived in the South, you were educated in how to catch a man. You were refined, attractive (or had ‘inner beauty’, or by fakery, if not in actual fact), educated and interesting. This was an institution and was to be taken seriously. Blanche’s downfall represents the downfall/destruction of the Southern Belle. This clip is highlighting how far from the ideal of the pure, inoccent, unspoilt debutante Southern Belle Blanch was.

  3. this girl is just annoying, especially the ‘awesome’ stuff. but informing. does sum up the plot pretty well and discusses reality from not only blanche’s view but also touches on stanley, stella and mitch’s to.

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