You must respond to every post

I know you’re confused. I am desperately trying to find ways to simplify this for you.

I think that if you read all the links and attachments I add, you will make the job of writing something so much easier.

I’d love to think that you’re all eagerly awaiting each new post – but I fear I might be deluding myself.

So, to show me that you are actually keeping up with the content, I would now like you to comment for every post. Every post! I hear you exclaim. Is she mad?

For each post, I simply what to know you’ve read it. A comment that shares some insights would be lovely, and would be appreciated by the others in the class.

Have a look at the image below. Isn’t it amazing! It is apparently based on the play.


5 thoughts on “You must respond to every post

  1. Thia image is such an accurate representation of the play, we went through it in one of the english lectures.
    There is my comment…

  2. Here’s mine – it’s on the front copy of my copy of the book.
    And when we went through the picture at the lecture it was actually pretty interesting.

  3. This image is a great dipiction of the play!!! (as will said),
    I think the subtleties are the best part. The position of Blanche being higher than stella really shows off the relationship between them. Also the mirror and the ‘revealing’ clothing options explain Blanche’s reality as she desperatly tries to be appealing to men, prooving that it consumes most of her life. Also the bed in the corner hints to some parts of the play.
    There’s my two cents…

  4. this is my input- it must be cold cause u can see her nipples, which may show that she loves to lead on men with her feminine attributes.

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