Contentions for the Prompts

Dear Diary, that Yr 12 class – OMG. When will they get….oh, sorry, wrong blog.

Mrs Alford has put together the following information that you might find useful. For each of the prompts there are a number of contentions that could become the basis of your response. Keep in mind that this is a short list, and in no way exhaustive.

Prompt 2 – ‘When competing realities clash, the result can only be tragedy’.

Sample contentions/hypotheses:

  • Sometimes it is necessary to challenge reality in order to move forward.
  • In order to understand the world around us, we need to be willing to have our reality challenged.
  • Clashes in reality are an inevitable part of life.
  • Clashes in reality can end in disaster. At other times, they avert it.

Prompt 2 – ‘Reality is what we need to believe’.

Sample contentions/hypotheses:

  • We cannot survive surrounded by uncertainty.
  • It is not easy to maintain one’s self-belief when one is doubted by others.
  • The need to believe often overshadows and overpowers what we want to believe.
  • Wanting to believe in reality is more powerful in enacting change than needing to believe.

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