Farewell and Good Luck

And so, the time has come where I must bid a fond adieu to you, the students extroadinaire of my first year at Haileybury. Words cannot express how proud I am of you. It is a grand achievement to have journeyed through 13 years of school, and arrive at this final moment with such enthusiasm […]

On the Waterfront and how it constructs meaning

As you are all aware by now, you must consider the constructed nature of the film when writing your essay. Here are some links that might provide a last minute surge of inpiration. http://vcewaterfrontcharacters.wordpress.com/ – This blog has pages on characters, themes, metalanguage and setting. http://education.theage.com.au/cmspage.php?intid=136&intversion=252 – Roger Stitson explores the way Kazan uses the costumes and […]

The importance of transition words and phrases

I’ve often suggested that the use of transition phrases will make your essays more fluent, and lessen the jarring effect created by simply switching from one idea to the next. The following statement, from Smart Words (and you have to love any website that has a page titled “How to write good”!), highlights the ability of […]

Essay writing tips for ‘On the Waterfront’

Whenever you approach an essay topic you need to work out how you can answer it and show that you’ve got an individual interpretation of the film. So, what does this actually mean? Can you answer this question: what is the film On the Waterfront about? Standing up for one’s rights? Making good in an environment […]