Be Happy: Leunig, Authenticity & Reality

Each time we discuss illusion and reality we return to the notion that money and success will not automatically lead to happiness. Which is all fine and well…but what, then, does lead to happiness? Be Happy, an article on ‘Less Wrong’, which describes itself as a ‘blog community devoted to refining the art of human rationality’, brings together, […]

Plato’s Cave

I liked the concept that arose from watching the animation in class today, the idea that just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. The brief summary of Plato’s cave below explores the idea that only when we are presented with new realities can we see our old ones as illusion. “Plato’s cave is […]

Another sample for Whose Reality – using Michael Leunig’s THE LOT

I found this at Enjoy. ‘Our environment shapes our reality’ The family holidays of my youth have largely molded together in my head. Despite remembering nothing else about it, a clear memory of a trip to Joanna is the birth of a new born calf. As most holidays are a mental montage of theme […]